Benefits of Improved Indoor Air Quality in Orange Park, FL

Residents of Orange Park, FL, can strive to increase the indoor air quality (IAQ) in their homes by taking some simple measures. Here are three significant benefits of improved IAQ:

Enjoy Better Respiratory Health

Airborne pollutants, such as dust, pollen or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can all undermine your respiratory health if you inhale them in sufficient quantities. They may cause various respiratory symptoms, including coughing and sneezing, and could increase the risk of diseases like cancer and COPD. By trying to decrease the concentration of these pollutants, you’ll diminish the likelihood of experiencing these reactions.

Boost Your HVAC System’s Functioning

Contaminants also can hamper your HVAC system’s overall functioning. For example, pollutants may find their way into your system’s ductwork or stick to the mesh on its air filters, thereby restricting airflow. They may also get into critical components like the compressor, coils and the blower motor, decreasing their effectiveness and efficiency.

To help minimize the strain on your system, it’s important to schedule routine maintenance on your system either once or twice per year. You should also replace your system’s filters approximately once every two to three months, and you may need to clean reusable filters every couple of weeks. By working to improve your indoor air quality, your system benefits from this care and can utilize less energy.

Eliminate Unpleasant Smells

While some pollutants have neutral odors, others smell unpleasant. This is especially true of bacteria and other biological growth.

If you develop odors in your home, they can become distracting and affect your mood. Cleaning your home regularly or running an air purifier assists with this, which can promote a more peaceful environment.

There’s no downside to improving the air quality in your home. For help accomplishing this, call Cool R Us Inc. A/C & Heating today and schedule IAQ services with our service technicians in Orange Park, FL.

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