Problems with your HVAC system aren’t always obvious, and a minor issue can become a major problem if you don’t contact a professional to fix it. Even if you don’t notice any trouble, you should have the heater and air conditioner in your Jacksonville Beach, Florida, home checked twice per year to prevent expensive, inconvenient repairs. Watch out for common HVAC problems like bad smells and strange noises to avoid discomfort and major breakdowns.

Bad Smells

Starting your furnace for the first time in fall often causes an unpleasant aroma, but there might be a problem if it lasts longer than a day. If you smell something burning, turn off your furnace and contact a professional.

A dirty air filter can also cause a dusty or musty odor. If the smell doesn’t get better after you change your air filter, you might have a problem with mold. Pests in your ductwork can also cause unpleasant scents.

Strange Noises

If it’s working well, your HVAC system operate relatively quietly. You might hear occasional banging or hammering noises from a radiator or rattling from a loose screw. Loud pops or grinding might mean that your ductwork is incompatible with your current system, requiring you to replace your current system or make changes to your ductwork.

Squealing or screeching points to problems with your system’s motor or a leak in your ductwork. If your heater or air conditioner is constantly coming on and shutting off, you could need a new thermostat.

Extreme Discomfort

If the heat or the air conditioning is running but not warming or cooling your home, shut it off and call a professional. Warm or drafty areas can mean that you have poor insulation, leaky ductwork, clogged ducts, or vents that are blocked by furniture or rugs.

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