To save money on utility bills, consider investing in energy-efficient appliances and devices for your home in Orange Park, Florida. More than 40 different categories of Energy Star–labeled products exist, from home electronics and lighting to air conditioners. Discover four energy-efficient devices, such as smart thermostats, to introduce to your home for savings.

Energy-Efficient Dishwashers

Arguably one of the largest energy-consuming devices in your home, the dishwasher is one appliance you shouldn’t ignore. When shopping for a new dishwasher, look for the Energy Star label. Energy Star–certified dishwashers use 25 percent less water and 12 percent less energy than conventional models.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats allow you to maximize your HVAC system’s operations by precisely controlling the temperatures inside your home. Trane’s ComfortLink thermostats allow you to adjust temperatures according to preset schedules and control your home’s comfort remotely from a computer, smartphone or tablet. With greater control come improved comfort and increased savings.

Front-Loading Washing Machines

Front-loading washing machines are gentler on fabrics since the machines don’t have agitators rubbing against clothing. They also use from one-third to one-half as much water as top loaders. Energy Star–certified front-loading washing machines require up to 75 percent less energy to operate. It’s a savings you’ll appreciate on your home utility bills.

Smart Power Strips

If you find yourself constantly unplugging and plugging in appliances you’re not using around your house to save energy, consider introducing smart power strips to your home. These devices stop "phantom power" from appliances and electronics plugged into them.

They’re great to use in areas where you can’t easily reach power cords, such as the back of your home entertainment center or under the desk of your home office. Some smart power strips even cut off electricity to chargers after you’re phone has been fully charged.

A properly maintained HVAC system can also save you additional dollars on your home energy bills each month. Schedule your system’s maintenance checkup by calling Cool R Us at (904) 222-6603.

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