When you spend time away from your Orange Park, Florida, home, it’s tough to know what to do with your HVAC system. Whether you’re traveling on business or spending long hours at the office, the question is whether to turn the HVAC system off or adjust the thermostat.

Programming the Thermostat

The first option is to program your thermostat based on your schedule. If you tend to work the same hours on certain days of the week, a weekly schedule is a good option for programming. You can also set a different schedule every day or stick to a 5-2 schedule, which has similar settings on weekdays and a separate schedule on the weekends. If your schedule fluctuates too drastically, it might make more sense to upgrade to a smart thermostat that can track changes and set a schedule based on your usage.

In order to maximize HVAC efficiency and savings, it’s often better to adjust the thermostat, allowing the temperature to go down during the winter and up during the summer. The system won’t kick on or off as often when you’re away. But it also won’t have to work as hard to reach a comfortable temperature when you get home.

Turning the HVAC System Off

Turning your HVAC system off completely might seem like the more logical option. But this habit actually tends to cost more.

If the temperature drops too low during the winter months, you also run the risk of environmental factors. Although freezing temperatures aren’t common in Florida, we have seen a few days where the weather dips well below what we’re used to. Allowing your heating system to run will reduce the risk of frozen pipes or other weather-related issues.

Instead of shutting it off, find a temperature you feel comfortable with and program your thermostat to stay at that level when you’re away. Learn more about HVAC efficiency and options by calling Cool R Us at (904) 222-6603.

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