How Ductwork Gets Damaged and How to Avoid It in Middleburg, FL

Chances are your HVAC system relies on ducts to carry heated and cooled air throughout your home. However, their effectiveness decreases they accrue damage from rust, animals or other reasons. Below are five ways ductwork becomes damaged and how to avoid it in Middleburg, FL.

Animal Damage

If you hear scampering or other unusual noises in your ducts, chances are your ductwork is home to animals such as squirrels or raccoons. Other animals, such as insects, are harder to detect, but they can damage your ductwork too. Animals can build nests, chew holes and their feces impact your indoor air quality and health.

Biological Contaminants

Another way that your ductwork becomes damaged is by microbial growth. This happens when there’s a buildup of condensation, which can also block the air ducts and allow for rust. However, microbial growth can also affect your health, causing a multitude of respiratory issues.

Blocked Air Ducts

There are a few reasons your air ducts become blocked. Sometimes the dust builds up to a point that it partially blocks airflow. The fiberglass in the ductwork can become exposed due to damage and partly blocks the airway, causing fiberglass particles to circulate in your home’s air.

Poor Maintenance

A lack of routine preventative maintenance can also damage your ductwork. Your HVAC ductwork requires professional cleaning every three to five years to prevent future damage and look for existing issues. You should have someone clean your ductwork more often if you suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues.

Rusty Ducts

Rust damage in ductwork is a result of condensation buildup and poor insulation. When your ductwork has rust, the system experiences air leaks, which greatly decreases energy efficiency and raises your heating and cooling costs.

Don’t try to clean or repair your ductwork on your own as you should always leave this type of work to the professionals. Contact Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating today for all your air duct repair needs for your Middleburg, FL, home.

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