You rely on your home’s cooling system to lower the indoor temperature and humidity levels. Every time the central air conditioner or heat pump cycles, the cooled air passes through the air ducts. A problem with the air ducts could result in higher utility costs, indoor air quality problems and an overworked cooling system. Here are some signs that your Jacksonville, Florida, home needs professional air duct repairs:

Unusual Noises

Banging or clanging sounds suggest that your home’s air ducts could be loose, bent or cracked. Rattling or vibrations can also result from loose air ducts. A loud whirring or whooshing sound could result from cracks in the fiberglass fittings. If you hear unusual sounds from within your walls when the HVAC system cycles, you may need air duct repairs.

High Energy Bills

Gaps or cracks in air ducts allow heated or cooled air to escape. As much as 50 percent of the warmed or cooled air could leak into the walls. The thermostat will continue signaling the system to cycle, which could result in higher than usual electricity bills.

Hot or Cold Areas

A problem with an air duct could cause one or more rooms in your home to feel too hot or cold. This is because the heated or cooled air won’t make it into the living spaces. You could verify this by using a thermostat or air thermometer in different rooms of your home.

Increase of Dust, Microbial Growth or Pests

Gaps or cracks in air ducts allow microbial growth, dust and pests to get inside the passages. Gaps also allow condensation to get in the ducts, fueling microbial growth. This could trigger allergy, asthma or respiratory problems.

Prompt repair of worn or damaged air ducts restores comfort to your home. Air duct repairs could also improve your health and lower your utility costs. At Cool R Us, Inc. A/C & Heating, we offer effective air duct repairs for homeowners throughout Jacksonville. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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