How Do UV Lamps Work to Clean Indoor Air in Middleburg, FL?

Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation. It has a wavelength that’s shorter than visible light but longer than X-rays. Most people in Middleburg, FL, know UV is present in sunlight, but you can also find it in specialized lights such as tanning lamps, black lights and mercury vapor lamps. Here’s how UV lamps work to clean indoor air.

How UV Light Purifies the Air

Ultraviolet radiation has multiple biological and chemical effects, with the common ones being sunburns and suntans on humans. However, it’s useful in sterilizing and improving indoor air.

It’s critical to mention how ultraviolet light kills microorganisms. Ultraviolet C (UVC) has greater energy and shorter wavelengths than its A and B counterparts, and it’s part of the spectrum in UV lamps that kills bacteria and viruses.

The photons in UVC have enough energy to damage the RNA and DNA of microorganisms. That means the tiny organisms will be unable to replicate and thrive.

The UV Lamp Mechanism

UVC weakens or kills microorganisms in two ways: on surfaces and in the air. You can use UV lamps in a standalone air cleaner, in an open room or install them in an HVAC system. The lamps have mercury vapor that emits light at a wavelength of 254 nm. With the peak of germicidal effectiveness being 265 nm, a mercury vapor UV lamp will produce 80% to 90% effectiveness.

The Response of Microbes to UVC

Each microorganism will respond differently to UVC. Viruses are the most susceptible. Bacteria fall in second place. Therefore, you have to use the right dosage of UVC to kill the exact microbe you’re targeting.

The Bottom Line

With the spring season comes exacerbated allergen and indoor air quality concerns. UVC lamps play a vital role in stopping the spread of infectious diseases by keeping air conditioners and drain pans clean.

If you’re looking for indoor air quality experts in Middleburg, FL, contact Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating. We also deal with AC installations, repairs and maintenance.

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