In Jacksonville, Florida, we rely on our air conditioning to cool and filter our indoor air during hot and humid summers. But you can do your part to contribute by filling your home with houseplants known for their air-cleaning properties. A 1989 study by NASA showed that plants removed carcinogenic chemicals from the air. They’re an inexpensive and beautiful way to help your HVAC system do its air cleaning work. Here’s a list of four plants to add to your home to improve your indoor air quality:

Boston Fern

The Boston fern is a large and bushy plant that thrives in high humidity and moderate light. It’s not the kind of plant to put in a corner and forget about (like others on this list). But with some TLC and attention, you can expect it to grow and flourish indoors.

English Ivy

Outdoors, English ivy can cover grounds, buildings and fences in short order. Indoors, you can train it to trial down from a hanging hook or around a plant stand. This ivy can survive in full shade or full sun. Water frequently, mist the leaves to prevent spider mites and fertilize monthly. As a result, you’ll encourage growth.

Golden Pothos

If you have less than a perfect green thumb, the pothos is the plant for you. It needs very little light, and even if the leaves start to look a little droopy, watering perks them right back up. The pothos will grow rapidly and expand its air-cleaning properties in short order.

Dragon Tree

Also frequently sold as its botanical name, Dracaena, its leaves range from dark green to purple. They possess a tree-like shape that can provide interesting texture to your houseplant collection. Like the pothos, it can survive in low light and endure some neglect.

If you have concerns about indoor air quality, the addition of houseplants is a way to improve both your air and mood. You can also make sure your filters are changed frequently and establish a maintenance plan with Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating. Call us today at (904) 222-6603.

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