4 Possible Reasons Your Heat Pump Runs Nonstop

If you’ve noticed that your heat pump in Atlantic Beach, FL, is constantly running, there could be various causes. Understanding them can help you troubleshoot an issue effectively and seek professional assistance if necessary. Here are four possible reasons your heat pump runs constantly in your home:

Improperly Adjusted Thermostat

Check for an incorrect thermostat setting that could lead to excessive energy consumption and strain your HVAC system. Inaccurate thermostat settings or accidental adjustments of the reversing valve by someone else could be the root cause of the issue.

Refrigerant Leak

Heat pumps rely on refrigerant to absorb heat from the air. Without adequate refrigerant, the heat pump faces difficulties or becomes incapable of absorbing heat efficiently. Consequently, it exerts more energy to compress the remaining refrigerant and raise its temperature.

If you suspect a refrigerant leak, a qualified HVAC service technician can repair it for you. Additionally, they can replenish the refrigerant to the appropriate level for optimal heat pump performance.

Inaccurate Temperature Sensor

Sometimes, your thermostat may continuously activate the heat pump due to inaccurate temperature readings that a faulty temperature sensor has caused. Temperature sensors rarely malfunction. However, if the thermostat was installed improperly, it can lead to inaccurate temperature measurements.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil plays a major role in absorbing heat from the air that passes over it during air conditioning. However, due to its constant exposure to air, it’s prone to accumulating dust and other particles over time. This buildup can create significant issues, hindering the coil’s efficiency and impacting the heat pump’s cooling capacity.

As a result, the system may consume excess energy and exhibit signs such as blowing warm instead of cool air. Another potential problem arises when the evaporator coil becomes frozen, leading to similar air conditioning malfunctions.

Count on our assistance to make sure your heat pump consistently delivers comfort to your household. For any HVAC installation and repair services, contact Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating.

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