Reasons You Need an Air Cleaner in Jacksonville, FL

Air contains impurities and allergens that spread airborne diseases. To minimize the harm from impure air, we suggest using air cleaners as they filter airborne elements for a healthier indoor environment. Here are the reasons you need an air cleaner in Jacksonville, FL:

Existence of Asthma and Respiratory Problems

The rate of asthma among Americans has increased; one in every twelve people has asthma. The causes of asthma and respiratory diseases are pollution and microbes.

Air cleaners ensure a comfortable atmosphere for people with respiratory problems. Electric air cleaners purify the air and minimize occurrences of breathing problems. Consider improving your indoor air quality by using an electric air cleaner.

You Have Pets in Your House

Pets shed dead cells and excess hair from their body. Grooming your pet around your living area and kids can lead to dander. The dander in pets is among the major causes of asthma among children and adults.

Dander and excess hair block the lungs, which leads to difficulties in breathing. The use of air cleaners minimizes the risk of dander building up in your lungs.

Bad Odors in Your Home

Bad odors create discomfort in your home. The smell can emanate from different places due to various reasons. Homes with bad odors are mostly old and neglected for long or have experienced floods or fires.

Unfortunately, the use of air fresheners might not help purify the air. Buy an air cleaner and activate the carbon filter to absorb all unwanted foul smells and odors.

You Live Near a Near Construction Site

Construction work spreads dust and airborne elements if you live nearby. One way of keeping the dust away is by closing your windows. However, with an air purifier, you don’t need to worry.

We offer HVAC services to improve your indoor air quality. Call Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating today for professional heating services and consultations.

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