Is It Time to Replace Your Heat Pump in Jacksonville, FL?

Your heat pump may gradually reduce its efficiency, failing to keep you comfortable. Although age largely contributes to this situation, multiple other issues may prompt you to consider getting a new system. We have shortlisted some factors that indicate it’s time to replace the heat pump in your Jacksonville, FL, home:

Heat Pump Doesn’t Turn Off

Your heat pump should operate in two to three cycles in an hour while regulating your home’s temperature. The system receives instructions from your thermostat and turns off after reaching the temperature you want. Your heat pump may run continuously during extremely high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures, trying to regulate the indoor temperature.

If you notice your heat pump runs without pausing outside these two periods, it indicates there’s a problem. Our service technicians will check your unit to determine the issue and advice you on whether to replace your heat pump based on their findings.

Higher Energy Bills and Frequent Repairs

A faulty heat pump will run multiple cycles in an hour or it’ll fail to shut down, making your energy bill shoot up. While you may consider calling a service technician to repair your unit, these repairs may be frustrating and expensive in the long run.

If your heat pump requires several repairs in one season, consider getting a new one. A new heat pump is more efficient, less expensive to maintain and offers more comfort.

Heat Pump Makes Strange Noises

Usually, your heat pump makes some noises when starting or ending a cycle. During the course of a heating or cooling process, the unit should not make any noises if it’s in good condition.

If you frequently notice squealing, banging and grinding noises during a cycle, your unit requires immediate attention. Our service technicians can check the unit and recommend a replacement if they detect it’s on its last days.

Reach out to Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating for dependable HVAC services in Jacksonville, FL. We offer convenient and affordable services, and we can schedule an appointment immediately.

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