HVAC systems make different sounds, many of which are quite normal. However, if your HVAC system starts to make annoying and unusual sounds that you haven’t heard before, this can be a warning that something is wrong. Here are four HVAC noises you might hear in your Orange Park, Florida, home and what they mean:


A banging sound usually indicates a loose or broken part. It can be a piston pin, crankshaft or a connecting rod located inside the compressor. Alternatively, you could have an unbalanced indoor blower. A banging noise can also be a sign that you need to replace your AC compressor.


A clanking sound can indicate a loose or out-of-balance part. Perhaps the parts inside the sealed unit have failed, or your AC compressor itself may be loose. A clanking sound can also be a sign that the indoor blower or outdoor fan blades are out of place and hitting other parts. Attend to loose parts quickly. As a result, you’ll avoid further costly damage to your AC system.


A squeal could be due to your indoor blower motor or outdoor fan motor coming to the end of their life. A high-pitched squeal can also alert you to a loose or worn belt. A professional service technician can easily repair this issue and restore your system’s functionality.


A hissing sound is normally an indicator that there’s air escaping from your HVAC system. If you listen closely and find that the noise is coming from the wall, your ducts could be leaking. Leaky ducts mean that your energy bill will increase while the comfort of your home will decrease. If the hissing sound seems to be coming from the air vents, this could be because your air filter isn’t set correctly in the unit.

If you hear strange HVAC noises from your cooling system, it could be a variety of issues. Contact Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating at (904) 222-6603 to diagnose the problem.

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