The ducts in your home are critical components of your HVAC system in Green Cove Springs, FL. When damage happens to your ductwork, it can have a significant impact on the efficiency of your whole HVAC system. That’s why it’s so important to understand different risks facing the ducts and what you can do to reduce them.


Since ducts in a home often run through out-of-the-way spaces, such as attics, they often are a target of small animals that find their way into them. Their surprisingly sharp teeth can chew through the outer wall of your ducts, causing major leaks and other issues. If you suspect that you might have pests using your home as a hotel, it’s best to schedule a duct cleaning.

Excess Humidity Levels

The humid summers in Green Cove Springs, FL, can cause muggy conditions inside your home. Even with a dehumidifier in place, you may still struggle to keep your humidity levels in check. If the air in your HVAC system has too much moisture in it, it could cause the walls of your ductwork to develop rust over many years of exposure.


In unfinished basements, garages and other similar areas, you may have some exposed ductwork. This ductwork is vulnerable to impacts from furniture, tools and other heavy items that could put dents and gashes in the ducts, leading to inefficient operation. To help prevent this, you’ll want to protect the ducts with wood beams so that the ducts aren’t completely exposed.

When it comes to duct damage, the good news is that there are multiple methods to fix duct leaks, dents and other issues. To ensure that your ducts perform at their best, it’s important to have a professional complete your duct repairs. For a full range of HVAC services, including duct repairs, contact us at Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating.

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