2 Ways to Stay on Top of Florida HVAC Needs Year-Round

After the hot summer and fall comes to an end in Orange Park, Florida, the cooler temperatures are a welcome change. However, since it doesn’t get too drastically cold in the area, it’s important to keep your air conditioning system maintained throughout the changing seasons. Follow these tips to keep your entire HVAC system ready for whatever weather conditions the day may bring:

Schedule Routine Maintenance

One of the best ways to prepare your HVAC system is to keep up with regular maintenance. Most service technicians recommend having the air conditioning system tuned up during the spring, before the drastic need for cooling hits, and the heating system in late fall.

During a maintenance service, your HVAC service technician will:

  • Test the heating or cooling system
  • Inspect the unit to make sure all components are functioning
  • Check the fuel or refrigerant levels

If anything is out of the ordinary during your tune-up, the service technician can perform repairs as needed. As a result, you’ll avoid major breakdowns and the associated repair costs. Maintenance can also lower energy bills and extend the life of your HVAC system.

Clean Up the Outdoor Unit

Yard waste can quickly pile up as the leaves fall off the trees during the autumn season. Make sure to keep your HVAC system’s outdoor unit clean and free of this debris. The housing can become clogged, which cause the efficiency to plummet.

An air conditioning condenser needs plenty of airflow to work properly. Keeping the outdoor unit clean will help improve ventilation and reduce the risk of moisture moving into the housing. If moisture does get inside the outdoor unit, you could end up with corrosion or biological growth.

Would you like to schedule an HVAC inspection or maintenance? Give Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating a call at (904) 222-6603 for expert service.

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