What’s That Smell Coming Out of Your AC System in Jacksonville, FL?

After a long day of battling the Jacksonville, FL, heat, the last thing you want to come home to is an air conditioner that’s blowing smelly air. Unfortunately, there are a variety of problems that can make that nightmare a reality for homeowners. But what do the odd smells coming out of your AC system really mean?

Car Exhaust Smell

Everyone knows what it’s like to follow a vehicle down the interstate that’s spraying noxious fumes into the air. Everyone also knows that a fume-filled odor like that shouldn’t be coming out of your home’s air conditioner.

Some of the fluids that your air conditioner uses to operate can create an exhaust-like odor when they become hot. More than likely, this sort of odor comes from a leak in your system’s refrigerant line. However, any sort of chemical leak can be dangerous to your system and health, so you should have it professionally checked as quickly as possible.

The Stench of Smoke

Your AC system comprises multiple electrical components, which makes the smell of something burning even more alarming. This type of smell can be a sign of a serious problem with a circuit board, wiring or another electrical component of your system.

Fortunately, the culprit could be a layer of dust forming inside a system that you haven’t run recently. No matter what, if your air conditioner smells like something on fire, you should contact a professional.

Musty Odor

Having an accumulation of water in the drip lines or drain pans of your system can leave your home with a musty odor. Calling for professional duct and line cleaning is a great way to eliminate this potentially dangerous smell.

No one wants to deal with a foul-smelling air conditioner. If your home is currently suffering from such an issue, call Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating today to schedule your air conditioner repair, maintenance or installation.

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