When Should I Use the Fan Setting On My Thermostat?

Your thermostat has both an auto and a fan setting that you can use to manage comfort and air quality in your Jacksonville, Florida, home. When your thermostat is on the fan setting, it’ll run continuously and cycle air. This uses more energy and shouldn’t be your default choice. However, there are a few scenarios in which you should always use your thermostat’s fan setting.

When Outdoor Temperatures Are Comfortable

During early spring and late fall, you might experience periods of pleasant weather when you don’t need heating or cooling to keep your home comfortable. If your system is set on auto, you could go days without the air cycling properly through the house. This can cause a stale, stuffy feeling, particularly in the humid Florida climate. Turn the fan on periodically to move air through the filter, keeping things fresh and clean.

When You Need Extra Filtration

The fan setting pulls air through the filter continuously, offering an effective way to clean the air if you’re suffering from poor indoor air quality. If you’re dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, or completing projects that release odors and particles into the air, consider turning on the fan setting while you work. It’ll help filter out those pollutants.

When You’re Battling Uneven Temperatures

The fan setting can help eliminate hot and cold spots in the home by cycling air constantly throughout your living space. If you have a room that’s particularly hot or cold, consider using the fan setting while you’re in that area to help even temperatures out. Using the fan throughout the night might help you sleep better if your bedroom temperature is inconsistent.

For the best energy efficiency, avoid using your thermostat’s fan setting for more than a few hours at a time. To further improve your energy use, make sure you’re keeping up with annual HVAC maintenance visits. To schedule an appointment with one of our service technicians, call Cool R Us at (904) 222-6603.

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