Why Does My Heat Pump Keep Tripping My Breaker?

Innovators introduced circuit breakers to prevent fire outbreaks whenever there’s a surge in electric usage in your home. A heat pump is one of the appliances that can trip your circuit breaker. Here are some possible reasons your heat pump keeps tripping the circuit breaker in Orange Park, FL.

Air Filter is Dirty

Before air enters your heat pump for heating, a filter catches the contaminants in this air. The pollutants accumulate on the filter, blocking the smooth flow of air into the heat pump. Therefore, the system has to work harder and longer to pull air through the clogged filter.

As a result, it draws too much power, tripping the circuit breaker. Consider inspecting and replacing your air filter often to allow smooth airflow.

Outdoor Unit is Dirty

Your system provides warmth to your home by transferring air from outside. The outdoor coil is responsible for absorbing heat from the outdoor ground and air.

Being outdoors exposes the coil to dirt, debris and leaves. These substances may block it, limiting its ability to absorb heat.

Consequently, your heat pump will overwork to achieve your preferred temperatures. This causes it to draw too much power. Consider scheduling regular maintenance so our service technicians can clean all your system components.

You May Have Electrical Problems

Your heat pump contains multiple electric components that enable it to complete its functions. Electric shorts may arise if the coatings on these wires wear out. As a result, the circuit breaker trips to prevent a fire incidence.

Don’t attempt to work on your heat pump’s wire connections if you’re not an electrician because you’ll be putting yourself in danger. Instead, allow a qualified professional to repair the problem for you.

If your heat pump keeps tripping the circuit breaker, contact Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating for professional HVAC services. Our experienced service technicians have worked on multiple heat pumps over the years, so they can accurately diagnose the problem and create a long-lasting solution.

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