Why Does Even Airflow Matter in Middleburg, FL?

In virtually every discussion about HVAC systems and indoor comfort, you may have heard at least some mention of airflow. Pausing to explain the importance of this can do much to help Middleburg, FL, homeowners improve climate conditions in their homes. Here are some reasons even airflow matters:

HVAC System Functioning

Your HVAC system simply can’t heat or cool your home well if air doesn’t flow properly both indoors and outdoors. Both heat exchange and cooling via refrigerant rely on this because the system’s coils cannot absorb heat energy from the air if air doesn’t blow over them.

If there are any kinds of disruptions to good airflow, your HVAC system may attempt to compensate for the problem by inducing its fans to push more air across the coils and through the remainder of it. This will put greater strain on the system as a whole — possibly more than it can endure. As a result, the system will be more likely to break down, requiring you to spend more money on repairs and replacement services.

Energy Costs

Another crucial consequence of airflow concerns your energy bills. If airflow levels are normal and your system functions as it should, it’ll consume reasonable and predictable amounts of energy. However, if the system attempts to redress airflow problems on its own in the way described above, it’ll consume much more energy, leading to vastly higher utility bills.

Airflow, Indoor Air Quality and Health

The final important consequence of airflow relates to indoor air quality, and by extension, to your health and that of your loved ones. When an HVAC system functions as it should, it’ll pass all of the air that it pulls in from outside through its internal air filters in addition to either heating or cooling it. These filters will remove at least some (though not necessarily all) major pollutants in that air, like pollen and dust.

Air without these contaminants will be healthier to breathe and less likely to trigger allergy symptoms or have other adverse effects upon those who inhale it. Poor airflow, by contrast, will disrupt this whole process.

You can think of the mechanisms enabling good airflow as akin to your HVAC system’s circulatory system. To help you keep this equipment in Middleburg, FL, in top shape, call Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating and ask about our HVAC services today.

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