Why Do Window ACs Leak?

A window AC cools you down on hot days in Neptune Beach, Florida. But, window ACs cause significant problems. For one, they rattle windows and make noise. For another, the older ones always seem to be leaking. The cause of a window AC leak is usually a fixable problem, but sometimes you need a new cooling solution.

Poor Installation

Many people simply stick a window AC into a window, plug up the holes and call it a day. However, the window AC needs to be supported and level to function properly.

The typical problem is that the back of the unit sags without level installation, causing water to drain in that direction. Installation problems are a major cause of leaking window ACs. So if you’ve got some water leakage, get out your level and check your unit’s installation first.

Icy Coils

Often, a window unit’s coils will freeze when the unit is on. You can listen for the sound of cracking ice, or you can turn off the AC and wait for that ice to thaw and start dripping out.

Either way, coil problems are something a professional needs to handle. We can repair a window AC’s coils if you’d like. But we’ll also recommend better cooling solutions.

Clogged Drain Pans

Some water dripping from your system is common and necessary, which is why window ACs have drain pans. The pan collects the water and allows it to properly drain away from the system.

If that pan gets clogged with dirt, debris or mildew growth, that water has to go somewhere. It’ll leak out in other places instead.

We know that sometimes you have no choice but to use a window AC, like in your garage or a rental unit. Cool R Us is a resource for AC repair, so call us at (904) 222-6603 with problems. However, if you own your home and use a window AC unit, let us talk to you about upgrades that will improve your comfort and cost savings.

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