When the weather is hot and the humidity levels are high in Jacksonville, Florida, your home’s air conditioning system is critical in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. The last thing you want to worry about is your air conditioner failing during the hot summer months. Some of the most common AC problems can be expensive to fix, but you can take steps to prevent them.

Weak Airflow

When you lower the temperature on your thermostat, the system should blowing cool air right away. Weak airflow could indicate a problem within the unit, such as a damaged compressor. However, a dirty filter can also restrict airflow through the air conditioning system.

Make sure to replace the filter every few months to avoid this common problem. Clogged filters can also result in other problems, such as poor indoor air quality and efficiency, which increases your monthly bills.

Warm Air

Your system should obviously produce cool air. Warm air coming through the vents can mean you’re running low on refrigerant. An HVAC service technician can diagnose this problem and repair the refrigerant leak.

Warm air can also mean that your system is set to heating instead of cooling — a common mistake. Check the settings to make sure it’s set to cool.

Blocked Registers

The air registers or exchanges within your home allow for air to flow freely through the system. If furniture, children’s toys or other items block any of these, they will restrict the airflow and the system won’t able to operate properly. Check the exchanges and vents to make sure they’re all open. Some people close vents in rooms they’re not using, but this can cause blockages and poor flow.

If you have a problem with your air conditioning system, contact at Cool R Us, Inc A/C & Heating at (904) 222-6603. We’ll help you repair it right away.

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