Are you looking to reduce the heating and cooling costs in your Jacksonville, Florida, home? If so, consider home automation zoning, which gives you more control over the temperature in specific areas of your house. Here are a few ways home automation zoning can save you money:

Avoid Wasting Energy

With home automation zoning, you’ll no longer waste energy to heat or cool empty areas of the house. With a home zoning system, you only heat or cool the rooms you’re using. As a result, you won’t spend money controlling the temperature in vacant areas of your home.

Operate a Smaller System

Home automation zoning can also help reduce your upfront costs. Because you won’t be heating or cooling your entire home, you’ll be able to purchase a smaller HVAC system. Not only will your small system be more affordable, but the cost of installation will also be less expensive.

Combine With Advanced Technology

Home automation is even more cost-effective when you combine it with smart thermostats. A smart, Wi-Fi-connected thermostat lets you set heating and cooling schedules so you only use energy when you need it. Combine a smart thermostat with automated zoning, and your HVAC system will automatically heat or cool certain rooms. As a result, you’ll lower energy bills and enhance comfort without any manual effort.

Reduce the Need for Maintenance

Home automation zoning can also save you money by reducing your long-term maintenance costs. Since your HVAC system will no longer heat or cool your entire home constantly, it’ll experience less wear and tear. As a result, you’ll reduce the risk of breakdowns, repairs and replacements.

Save money on your monthly energy bills with home automation zoning. If you’re interested in setting up automated zoning, call Cool R Us Inc. A/C & Heating today at 904-222-6603. Our team will quickly set up your automated zoning so that you can start enjoying reduced energy costs and improved comfort.

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