Kids get colds and stuffy noses all the time in Jacksonville, Florida, but there’s one kind of congestion that baffles parents: nighttime congestion. If your kids awaken congested, the problem may not be illness. It might be because of bedroom allergens and poor indoor air quality. Hunt down these issues to give your kids a better night of sleep.

Dust Mites

Old mattresses, pillows and bedding collect dust mites, which are a common allergy trigger. Make sure you’ve got a removable mattress cover on your child’s mattress. Wash it in hot water once a week with your kid’s bedding.

Toys can also collect dust mites, so bedtime toys need to go in the laundry, too. Replace your child’s pillow at least once a year.

Pet Dander

Lots of kids have special bonds with their pets, and that puppy or kitty loves to sleep with your little one at night. A mild pet allergy may not bother your kid during the day. But eight hours of sleeping exposure to dander tells a different story.

If you aren’t able to separate the two friends, ban the pet from bedrooms all together. If not, try running an air purifier in your child’s room to trap some of that dander. Be diligent about washing bedclothes, too.


Your child’s room might be the dampest in the house, giving mold and mildew places to grow. Seal the windows against air leaks, and look for damp spots on the walls or ceiling.

If you discover damp spots, they can indicate a pipe leak or an insulation problem. Removing humidity with a dehumidifier will help keep your child’s room at the perfect humidity, which will discourage mold and mildew growth.

Cool R Us has plenty of single-room and whole-house IAQ solutions to discuss with you. Have one of our service technicians visit your home to discuss indoor air quality. Reach us at (904) 222-6603.

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